Illuminated Vintage, created by designers Amie Mae, Stacey Morgan, Kenzie Housego and engineer Dan Damron, debuted in the sold out 2014 MakeFashion event.

The Illuminated Vintage collection presented bright classic dress designs, and accessories -- think fascinators and parasols -- that all react to, sound, touch, movement, or the wearers heartbeat . See images of the Illuminated Vintage collection here.

Since the 2014 show, many of Phi : Illuminated's fashiontech fashion pieces have been exhibited at MakerFaire’s, wearable tech events and festivals around the world including, San Francisco Maker FaireCalgary Mini Maker FaireBeakerhead FestivalTech BurlesqueMakerFaire Shenzhen, MakerFaire Roma, and Xiamen China Fashion Week.